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32 Elquestro Way
Bohle, QLD, 4818

(07) 4774 6889

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Unlidding the Pie

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Un-lidding the Pie

At The Outback Pie Co. we take great pride in crafting pies from the very best all Australian ingredients. 

Our beef pies are made with...

Australian grass fed Rump Steak, lean heart-healthy mince, freshly diced onions and a select blend of unique seasonings that deliver a succulent, rich, delicious flavour.

Our variety pie fillings are made with...

A range of ingredients, including fresh chicken maryland, fresh vegetables, ground spices, seeded mustard, caramalized onion, whole cracked eggs, freshly grated cheese, real bacon and a range of specialty seasonings.

And how do we guarantee quality, consistency and ingredient authenticity?

Simple, we process all our fresh ingredients onsite daily, including our beef, chicken, and vegetables.